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Tattoon Kids Community Service Projects

Tattoon Kids believes strongly in being of service to others. Benita L. Gibson, CEO and Creator of Tattoon Kids, “I love being a Solopreneur, but I also consider myself a socialpreneur. I was raised to have a servants heart. Community service has been a big part of my experience in my youth and as an adult. Now I have the opportunity to have my business hold the same values that I was raised with.” 

 Benita L. Gibson CEO/Founder. 

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Tattoon Kids is honored to be affiliated with an amazing organization, Together We Rise (Helping children in foster care). “I am fortunate that I grew up in a safe and loving home, but I recognize not all children have that experience. Tige Charity, founder of Kids in the Spotlight is committed to supporting foster youth in Southern California. Her organization helps give a voice to foster kids experiences through filmmaking. It’s Tige’s work with foster youth that inspired me to be of support to foster children that are transitioning into foster care and who need to be encouraged. Children in foster care self-esteem suffers greatly due to their circumstances. Tattoon Kids wants to help support foster kids develop a positive self image and nurture healthy self-esteem and self worth." Refer to article:

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I am happy that I now have the opportunity to give back to foster youth through Tattoon Kids positive affirmation products. Tattoon Kids will provide positive affirmation (The Color of You) temporary tattoos, stickers and coloring/activity book kits to put into the Superhero Boxes, Sweet Cases and Birthday Boxes for kids that are transitioning into foster care and needing comfort and support as they go through these challenging times in their lives."


Benita L. Gibson CEO/Founder

Tattoon Kids along with these organizations are committed to the well being of all children. For more information on how you can give back and be of service, please visit the links below. When you buy Tattoon Kids products you are not just helping children build healthy self esteem and nurture good mental health, you are also contributing to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital and Togheter We Rise (Helping children in foster care) So thank you for supporting Tattoon Kids and children in need of your support.

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