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About The Creator of Tattoon Kids

Benita L. Gibson

Imagine a world where every child feels supported, confident and accepts themselves and others for who they are. Welcome to the inclusive and diverse universe of Tattoon Kids which empowers children all over the world through positive affirmation toys, products, and entertainment.

In 2019, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother-of-three, Benita L. Gibson, had her life turned upside down with a separation from her husband of 11 years and a move across the country. In the midst of rebuilding her life, Benita had a funny exchange with her five-year-old son Harrison while applying temporary tattoos with her kids. Her son wanted a tattoo but he asked for a “Tattoon” and with that humorous mispronunciation, Tattoon Kids was born.


Uniquely equipped and edified, Benita shares her story with depression and the power of positive affirmations to uplift the next generation. 


“I believe it’s important that all children see themselves represented in the books that

they read, in social media, the TV shows and movies they watch, the games they play, the arts and crafts and the toys they play with,” says Benita.

Made with love and purpose, Tattoon Kids is a positive force that is benefitting children

and their families to be their best selves every day, with the reminder to us all that words really do have power.

Tattoon Kids Illustrator:

Fatih Reis was born in Istanbul, Turkey and grew up on a small ısland in the Prince Islands (Heybeliada), one of the five habitable islands in the archipelago.

Fatih attended the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. He specializes in children’s book illustrations. More than a dozen of his books are available internationally.

He especially enjoys using colored pencils and digital art in his illustrations. Producing children books is enormously rewarding and his love of children inspires his creativity to continue to produce exceptional, educational and meaningful illustrations.

Fatih Reis - Portre.png
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